Fishing 101: Knowing Your Equipment

Successful fishing is not only about skills, it is also about the type of equipment you use. Here is an introduction to the basic fishing equipment that should be included in your tackle box.


A pole can be made of bamboo, cane or any straight piece of tree branch. You do not have to use a reel with a pole.  You just need to cut a piece of fishing line as long as the pole, and then tie it to the tip of the pole.  This will be ready to use with a simple hook tied on the other end of the line. A pole and line is efficient enough when fishing on a river bank.


The average fishing rod is 6 feet long and has a medium weight. Materials such as bamboo, fiberglass or graphite are often used in making a rod.

Bamboo rods range from inexpensive cane poles to finely handcrafted fly-fishing rods. Fiberglass rods are the most popular rods for beginners because they are relatively inexpensive but not easily broken. On the other hand, Graphite is a popular rod material for experienced anglers because it is extremely light yet strong.


Fishing reels store line on a spool. It has an adjustable friction device called drag. The drag helps the angler to easily reel in the fish. The drag generates tension on the line as it is pulled off the reel spool. The constant tension tires the fish and keeps the line in order.

Fishing Line

Most fishing line is made of a type of nylon called monofilament. It comes on spools of various lengths or tests. A larger and thicker test of line can hold more strength.


One important thing about fishing is that you need bait at the end of the line to lure a fish. There are different types of bait that fishes find appetizing. Most fish likes live baits such as night crawlers, minnows or worms. Others easily get excited with lures or artificial baits which are designed to look and move like worms, flies, grasshoppers, and minnows. 


An average fishing hook is made up of several parts. The eye is where you tie the line. The point is where you put the bait. The shape of the barb is what keeps the hook in the mouth of your catch.


A bobber is also known as a float or a cork. It is used to hold your sinker at the desired water level.  It allows you to easily adjust the depth of your hook. It also serves as the signaling device when you’ve got a nibble.

With your fishing equipment ready, all you need now is to try it for real. We at Ware’s the Fish Charters set out to give you your unique fishing adventure on the waters of Key West, Florida. We can provide your ride and complete fishing gears as well as the experience of a lifetime!

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