Fishing Lingo

Here is a short list of terms you need to be familiar with as you go on more fishing adventures.

Blade bait – This is a weighted, fish-shaped blade made with a swinging hook and designed for fishing deep.

Casting spoon – This is a spoon-shaped metal or hard plastic lure that wobbles to attract fish. They can be fitted with a solid hook or swinging hook that has a single, double, or treble points.

Chum – This consists of live, dead, ground-up or prepared baits and scents used in fresh and saltwater.

Chumming – This is a fishing technique wherein the bait or scent of a chum is released into the water to attract fish.

Crank bait – This is a fish-like lure made of plastic or wood and is designed to swim under the surface.

Jig – This is also known as bucktails. This weighted-body lure is molded on special hooks and rigged with a worm, hair tail, or soft plastic skirt.

Snap – This refers to a small device that is tied to the line and used for attachment and quick release of hooks, rigs and lures.

Still fishing – This is a manner of fishing without moving the bait once it is cast.

Strike – This refers to a fish taking a lure or bait.

Tackle box – This refers to a box or bag with special compartments and features to hold terminal tackle, hooks, lures and other fishing gears.

Terminal tackle – This is used as an overall term for describing bobbers, sinkers, hooks, rigs, snaps, swivels and other gear used at the end of a fishing line.

Top water lure – This is a type of lure made of hard plastic, hollow rubber, or wood designed to float on the surface and attract fish when twitched or moved.

Trolling – This is a method in fishing wherein the boat is slowly running while trailing lures or bait.

Trolling spoon – This is a large spoon that is trailed behind a boat to catch fish.

Weedless Spoon – This is a type of wobbling spoons made of a fixed hook and guard for fishing weeds.

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