Making the Most of Your Offshore Fishing

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If you are planning to go on a one-of-a-kind adventure, you may find offshore fishing in the deep sea waters of Key West, Florida to be a pleasurable experience for you and your family. A big catch might just be the perfect highlight of an otherwise ordinary holiday.However, making the most of your offshore fishing adventure takes some planning. So from Ware’s the Fish Charters, here are some tips and reminders to make sure you have everything well in hand.

Offshore Fishing 101

As the saying goes, there are tons of fish in the sea—and each one requires a different game plan to catch. Usually, charter boat captains use three types of deep-sea fishing; bottom fishing, trolling and offshore fishing.

If you are after a more adventurous persuasion, you may want to try offshore fishing. The fishes caught in this mannerare large and require a great fight before you land them on the boat.

Although deep sea fishing is fun to do, it is very different from the regular fishing that most people have experienced. Some avid anglers might even find themselves at a disadvantage when switching to the specialized equipment for deep sea excursions. For the greatest success in offshore fishing, here are some tips you could use:

  • Look at the sky. If you see birds that are feasting on small bait-type fishes, there are probably larger game-type fish below the surface of the water.
  • Look under floating woods or debris and you might just encounter a large game fish or even a dolphin.
  • During full moons, crabs shed their shells and stripers come looking for them. Hence, using soft crab imitations as bait will help make a good catch.
  • Yellowfin tuna are usually found schooling with dolphins. So if you see a group of dolphins, chances are there are some tuna in the area.
  • The best place to fish is near reefs since big game fish feed on fish that live on reefs.
  • Learn what the larger fish are feeding on during each season of the year, and especially when you are fishing for them.
  • Be sure to rinse your hands after applying sunscreen while out on the boat. The smell and taste can transfer to the bait you’re handling, causing the fish to stop biting.

At Ware’s the Fish Charters, we offer an infinite variety of offshore fishing opportunities in the waters of Key West Florida. Book a trip with us and you can guarantee that we will take care of everything; from bait to tackle and license—making your fishing adventure worry-free.

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