If you enjoy fishing, you should also experience shark fishing at least once in your lifetime! Miami has some of the best shark fishing areas where you could easily spend a day reeling in some exciting and challenging sharks. Locals and tourists spending some time in Miami on vacation all enjoy fishing at deep sea fishing charters where the best sharks can be caught.

Here is some basic guidance and tips on the right equipment will help you catch sharks in the waters here around Miami.

  • • A shark trip includes bait, tackle and all licenses to fish up to 6 anglers.
  • • During the summertime, you may want to anchor out in an area with an active tide to put out chum out to attract your prey.
  • • If you don’t want to mess with chum, one of the best ways to attract sharks in is to put out a bag of cut bait or with fish carcasses.
  • • A light spinning tackle may bring in the greater thrill of the fight but going with a heavier set of tackle may be a better option.
  • • Keep in mind that sharks teeth can easily tear away with any filament of braided line, so you will need to use a steel leader. And when combined with a braided deep sea line stronger than forty pound test, there will be higher chances of not only hooking but also landing some incredibly fun and hard fighting sharks.
  • • If you want the full experience from tackle to table, it may be best to focus on some smaller sharks, as the larger ones are almost all catch and release.
  • • Miami hold a great variety of sharks up to fifteen feet in length. The biggest ones, usually hammerheads and makos, can weigh in at over 1,000 pounds.

Gear Requirements

The use of only hook and line is required. The use of natural bait when using multiple hooks is prohibited.

Catch and Release

You may want to follow the techniques below when you are fishing for shark so you can greatly increase fish survival rates.

  • • Use a tackle which is heavy enough to land a fish quickly to reduce exhaustion. Fish can die or weaken when not caught quickly making them more vulnerable to predators.
  • • Release the fish while it is in the water when possible.
  • • Use a de-hooking device to safely remove hooks.
  • • The use of a non-stainless steel hooks is better so it can dissolve in the water if they remain in a fish.
  • • The use of a non-offset circle hooks when fishing with natural bait will help avoid gut hooking a fish as circle hooks tend to hook the fish in the jaw, making them easier to remove.
  • • When removing a hook on a fish, bend the barbs down on hooks to lessen the damage to a fish.

Miami already has a lot more to offer than other places in the U.S or the rest of the world can equal. Deep sea fishing charters is one of the most exciting adventures you will get to experience here in Miami, so add that to your list. Whether it’s a two foot blacktip or a twelve foot hammerhead, you will come back for more of Miami’s incredible and exciting shark fishing.

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