The Importance of a Snorkeling Buddy

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You are already packed for your long awaited vacation in Key West, Florida and excited to scour every snorkeling destination with Ware’s the Fish Charters. While you’re at it, it’s important to put into mind that snorkeling, which is a great way to appreciate an entirely different facet of nature, can also pose some dangers.

Fortunately, using a buddy system during this activity increases your safety underwater. Here are more reasons why partnering up with another snorkeling enthusiast is a good idea while enjoying being submerged in a foreign but stunningly beautiful environment:

Safety First

Passing boats, leg cramps, and marine animal bites, are some of the hazards of snorkeling, which can even be life-threatening in some cases. Hence, it is of the utmost importance that a buddy system is reinforced. Every snorkeler is responsible for their own safety but if they are rendered incapable of providing self-help, there buddy is there to assist.

In addition, buddies are also there to remind you of safety procedures in both the planning and execution of the snorkeling excursion. This may include locations of safest entry and exit areas and evaluation of environmental considerations that may adversely affect the adventure.


Buddies cooperate together to keep the minor stresses that can occur at a minimum. Buddies can assist each other with donning and doffing equipment such as fins, aid each other when entering and exiting the water and even act as another pair of eyes to make sure that no hair is caught in the seal of the mask.


Enjoying a reef and its unique ecosystem brings a much better fulfillment when shared with someone else.  They are catalysts for lasting friendships with the promise of many snorkeling adventures in the future. Hence, buddy system is a definite pre-requisite to getting the most out of snorkeling.

For your next snorkeling adventure in Key West, Florida contact Ware’s the Fish Charters today! We arrange trips to make your stay most unforgettable.

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