Tournament fishing

On winning a tournament fishing

Tournament fishing is considered as an extreme sport. It requires specific skills and knowledge that can only be achieved through years of experience, training, and concentration. It takes a fishing expert to know that a lot of fishes thrive in a certain body of water, but it takes a fishing champion to know that there’s a big catch among these fishes.

Each time a fishing tournament is held, a roster of highly skilled fishers join and aim to hook the best catch. These fishing tournaments, however, are not just about competition and winning; they are also about signing in for the challenge and enjoying the tournament. By joining the tournament, you actually meet people are also passionate on fishing, the same way that you do. You share your experiences, and collectively learn from them. However, winning the tournament can give you so much fulfillment and satisfaction. Thus, here are some tips that you need to consider in joining a competition, and hopefully hooking the best catch!


Even the best fishers couldn’t totally claim that they know everything about the ocean.

The ocean is full of surprises and unpredictable phenomenon. It offers excitement, fun, and adventure; but it also offers risks and possible accidents. No human being can claim that he knows all the nooks and crannies of the sea. Until now, most of the ocean remains unexplored. Thus, every fisher has a responsibility to research on the ocean, its creatures, and its dynamics. Do not claim that you know everything, accept your limitations; research!

Nowadays, you can just open your device and surf the Internet to find what you need to know about anything and everything. In the case of fishing, however, the best way of researching is going in the shore and meeting the people who live there. The coast of Key West in Florida has a population of expert fishers from the fishing charter industry to fishing enthusiasts!

People who live in the coastal areas are the second most reliable references in terms of researching about the dynamics and properties of the oceans (of course, oceanographers and marine biologists are both in the first line). They know how the ocean works, the same way that you know your mother. They were born with the ocean, nurtured by it, and live with it day by day. Therefore, they are undoubtedly the go-to people each time you need a practical and vernacular explanation on any stuff relating to the ocean.



If you want to win in a tournament, you need to prepare. All champions have a certain mantra that they usually do days before the competition begins. It could be a certain ritual, prayer, physical training, meditation or what not. These mantras help them achieve the level of confidence that they need to win the tournament. In the case of a fishing tournament, we suggest that you prepare the following:

  • Equipment

-You don’t fish using your hands. You need a reliable fishing rod, bait, and all the equipment that can help you hook the best catch.

  • Physical training

-Fishing can actually be a physical sport. It requires a strong arm and an equally strong body. The biggest catch can be very powerful; thus, your arms must be prepared to fish it out of the water. Your arms and body must be willing to endure the pull of the fish, until it gets tired and gives in.

  • A winning determination

-In entering a competition, you should have a winning determination to hook the best catch. You must be mentally and emotionally prepared to both conquer the ocean and hook the best catch. A winning determination, however, is not only about hooking the best catch, it is also about winning the friendship of your competitors. In this way, you can learn something from them and make life-long friendships, which is perhaps one of the good things about joining a tournament. A winning determination will keep your head up, even if you lose the tournament.



The last tip, which we think is the most essential, is to enjoy the tournament. All of us can be very competitive when we’re facing a challenge. We aim to get the gold medal because we do not want to settle for the bronze. A competitive spirit is actually an advantage, but a competitive mindset can ruin the game.

The real champion is the one who can proudly say that he completely enjoyed the tournament. Treat the fishing tournament, not only as a competition, but also a good opportunity to relax, enjoy your time, and meet new people. Enjoying the game must be your top priority; winning must only be your second priority.

If you enjoyed the tournament, at the end of the day, you will emerge as the true victor. This will encourage you to join more competitions, meet more people, and get a better catch!

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