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How much does a Fishing Charter Typically Cost?

We are all aware of how much fun and excitement fishing trips could bring to people. And just like any other vacation or activity that is offered by businesses, fishing charters also have their own classification regarding the costs. If you are new to this field, you may find it quite difficult to canvas how much the fishing charter would cost you.

            Luckily today, we will be giving you an idea of the estimates of the costs brought by fishing charters. May it be private fishing charters or public ones, here are the average prices you can expect in signing up for it:

Inshore Fishing Charter

            The overall cost of a fishing charter would highly depend on the distance where the trip is limited too and on the gears to be used. In terms of inshore fishing charters, the distance is shorter as compared to the others and the gears to be used here are much lighter. Most inshore trips encompassing fish bays, flats, and jetties in a boat that can take up to 3 to 4 passengers would usually cost you around $350 and $700. This of course is still subject to change depending on the area, boat, and tackle that can go higher or lower than the mentioned estimate.

Nearshore Fishing Charter

            Nearshore fishing charter, on the other hand, is a bit more ambiguous than inshore fishing charters. Why? Since the distance in nearshore fishing charter varies dramatically its estimated cost may go farther from that of inshore.

            The initial cost when it comes to nearshore fishing charters begins at roughly $600. And of course, your chosen fish species for fishing also affects its prices and it can run at $1,000 or more.

Offshore Bottom Fishing Charter

            Heading offshore for your fishing trip leads to longer travel time and a much bigger boat to accommodate the passengers and the gear needed for the trip. These factors would most definitely increase the cost needed for the fishing charter. These longer travel times make the minimum duration of the trip reach up to six hours and can even last until 12 hours.

            Going offshore to fish for snapper, amberjack and grouper would cost more than the two mentioned fishing charters. Ideally, the average trip would cost you around $800 and $1,500.

Offshore Trolling

            When you sign up for a charter to take you on trolling, on average it would take as little as $600 in areas that have easy access to the deep waters. While for places that usually have to cover ground to find deep water where bigger fishes thrive could cost you more than that the mentioned average.

            For most of these trips with longer durations along with larger boats and strong tackles, the cost can go around $1,000 or higher.

Key Takeaways

            The prices of fishing charters would always depend on the company that offers the services. Some may have promos or discounted prices to help ease up and broaden their customer’s choices without them breaking the bank.

            Ready to start your very first fishing charter? Contact us and we will be answering all your queries on the services we offer and on the costs that go along with them.


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