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Fishing Charters in Key West: Taking note of the Prices

Fishing charters have been one of the best outdoor activities that have touched the interest and radar of many.  This enjoyable experience led to an increase in the field’s enthusiasts and even boosted tourism and appreciation of the waters in Key West.

            As the attraction of fishing charters continues to increase, more and more people become intrigued by this outdoor activity. They have been searching it up on the web and once they have their mind set, they reach out to a partner to plan out their very first fishing trip. But how much exactly would it cost you to achieve the fishing charter experience you are looking for? Check out some of the standard rates below:

Fishing Charters that last for 4 Hours

            The span of a fishing charter would often depict the expenses you would have to prepare for the trip. When it comes to a 4-hour trip, this is typically a ½ day fishing trip. And on average the expected costs would go around $600 to $1300.

            4-hour trips are ideally done on nearshore waters or inshore bays and are either done during the morning, afternoon, or even evening hours. This short trip is perfect for those who have limited time allotted to the enjoyment of fishing charters.

6 Hour Long Fishing Trips

            If you are looking for a longer trip, the 6-hour fishing charter could be the best one for you. In here, it is deemed as a ¾ day trip that cost you around $800 up to $1300. And compared to 4-hour long trips, 6-hour fishing trips are not limited to nearshore. It allows people to go farther and reach offshore waters which is perfect for those angles who are interested in deep sea fishing and trolling.

            Ideally, the distribution of 6-hour long trips starts off with 1-2 hours of travel time and to 4 – 5 hours of fishing. This allotted time allows you to fully enjoy and explore more fishing spots and have enough time to catch more fish.

10-hour Long Fishing Trips

            Following the 6-hour trip are the 10-hour-long fishing charters. The costs under this time span range between $1500 to $2200. Compared to the previous 2, a trip as long as this would require meals and drinks along the way which are inclusive whenever you book this kind of fishing charter.

            However, it may be quite challenging to book 10-hour long fishing trips since it can only be done on days with good weather conditions. In addition, it is also not recommended for families since this trip can go far offshore and explore farther fishing spots.

12-hour-long Fishing Trips

            The longest and last fishing trip is the 12-hour span. These trips provide the longest time anglers could have for them to enjoy and make the most out of their fishing charter. They typically range from $1800 up to $3100. With only 2 hours allotted for travel time and the rest stationed for fishing, it requires more meals and drinks for the customers.

            And just like 10-hour trips, 12-hour fishing trips depend on the weather state. Once the weather is not in condition, the captain may reschedule or provide a refund on the booked trip. Since bad weather can cause damage to ships and threatens the safety of the customers.


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