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Fun Activities


Before any trip or vacation ends, it has been a worldwide tradition to always purchase items exclusively seen in the place. And as for Key West, it has tons of various local products that you can purchase and bring back home. This way, you get to have a memento that will always remind you of …

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Scuba Diving

Spice up your Key West adventure by taking on scuba diving! This activity of descending below the water’s surface allows tourists to personally and physically be able to interact with the marine environment. In here, tourists will be given and shall be using breathing equipment all throughout the span of the scuba diving trip.

Mallory Square Sunset Celebration

Mallory Square Sunset Celebration is definitely one of the many activities you cannot afford to miss once you visit Key West. It is a nightly festival that begins 2 hours before the sunset. During this celebration, you can expect to watch several street performers, jugglers, local artists, and even vendors who would come together for …

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Bar Crawls

Water activities are not the only ways you can have fun in Key West. As mentioned earlier, it is also known for its incredible nightlife service that allows you to experience nightlife like no other. One of these includes the so-called bar crawl or pub crawl where a person gets to visit not one, not …

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It can go by many names such as parascending, paraskiing, or parakiting. All these may sound different from each other, but all of it is ideally the same. In this recreational activity, a person is being towed behind a vehicle while being attached to a canopy wing that looks quite similar to a parachute. It …

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Jet Ski Tours

We all know how and what a Jet Ski exactly is. However, only a few tourist destinations offer Jet Ski Tours, and one of the few that offer it is none other than Key West. At a high speed that triggers excitement, you get to be toured around the area thus making your Jet Ski …

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Non-private Snorkeling Trips

The best way to personally get a sight of the benevolent waters is through snorkeling. It is a practice of swimming on or through a body of water while being equipped with various tools such as a breathing tube called a snorkel. This fun can be doubled with people you get to meet during the …

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