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Snorkeling Basics

For many adventurers, snorkeling can be a great way to access one of nature’s most marvelous realms—the deep blue sea. However, snorkeling is more than just diving into the water and trying to keep afloat. At Ware’s the Fish Charters, we believe that the key to successful snorkeling is practice and some key tips on choosing your equipment.  Choosing the right equipment could make a huge difference in surviving and enjoying the under-the-sea experience.


When selecting a mask, fit and comfort are of utmost importance. Problems could occur during the excursion just because the mask doesn’t fit your face. To try on the mask, move the strap out of the way and just push the mask firmly onto your face. Breathe in through your nose. If any air leaks in, water will be bad news once you are underwater. The mask should seal perfectly and stay on unsupported.

Also, try it with the strap on. It should only fit snugly at the widest part of your head, towards the top of the back of your head. Water may seep in if it is at the base of your skull. Once you have determined which masks will fit properly, other considerations are comfort and field of vision.


A perfectly adequate tube snorkel is important for you to enjoy your snorkeling adventure. Always remember that a good snorkel needs to have a purge valve at the bottom. This aids clearance of the snorkel and will make snorkeling a much more pleasurable and easy experience. It would also be better if it has a wave deflector or chamber mechanism at the top which will help to prevent wave splashes entering the snorkel.


Although fins are not a necessity for snorkeling, they do help you get down more quickly so that you can see more of the underwater world on just a breath of air. Hence, the major concern when choosing fins is comfort. If they hurt or curl your toes, you may develop cramps while snorkeling. Moreover, ill-fitting fins can easily cause blisters. And if they slip off your heels, then they are too big. Once in the water they will slip off easier because your feet are wet.

Snorkeling in the ocean remains one of the best means to exercise our sense of discovery. If you are looking to try snorkeling for your next adventure, contact Ware’s the Fish Charters today. With our state-of-the-art fishing charters, we offer affordable snorkeling trips to the waters of Key West, Florida. We will make sure that you will go home with fond memories of the deep sea.


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