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Ways you can Enjoy Your Stay in Key West, FL

Scenic and laid back, Key West is considered one of the few places worth visiting in the United States. Known for its live-and-let-live attitude, tropical climate, and seemingly continuous happy hour, this tiny island has been welcoming visitors seeking vacation full of adventures.

From Ware’s the Fish Charter, here are a few things you could do when exploring Key West.

Cruising and Snorkeling

A cruise out to the reef from Key West Harbor will show you the island’s beauty from a different perspective. It gives you the opportunity to explore the wonders hidden beneath the waves. Key West’s largest and most pristine reefs are located several miles off shore and are best visited with the help of professional charter like Ware’s the Fish.

Hundreds of species of fish have taken up residency in this deep blue water. Parrotfish, Yellow and Blue Tangs, Barracuda, a variety of Snapper, Mackerel and Hogfish, as well as Deep Water Pelagic are just a few of the sightings. Hence, diving and snorkeling in the Key West’s waters provides great experiences for the more adventurous types.

The Vandenberg wreck, which sits upright approximately seven miles off Key West, also welcomes divers from all over the world to explore its massive superstructure. The ship represents the southernmost part of the Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail, a series of intentionally sunk vessels that begins off Key Largo with the former Navy landing ship dock Spiegel Grove.

Off-shore Fishing

Key West is also considered a fishing mecca. All year round, several charter services can give you a great deep-sea fishing experience. At Ware’s the Fish Charters, we have a highly-skilled offshore captain eager to show you how to enjoy this popular water sports. We also boast a fleet of fast charters, ready to set you out for the fishing adventure of a lifetime. At Ware’s The Fish Charters our services are available for any type of fishing adventures and private snorkeling expeditions.


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