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A Comprehensive Guide to Catching the Afternoon Blackfin Tuna

One of the popular fishes you can catch during your fishing charter is the afternoon blackfin tuna. Unlike regular fish that you can simply catch in an easier manner, this type of marine requires a much more challenging approach. Making it a rather spectacular hour of fishing for many.

            Want to catch the spectacular blackfin tuna but don’t know how to? Worry no more! With the use of these tips and the advancement in tagging equipment, you will be able to catch one in no time.

If you are planning to get out for a short trip before sunset and catch some quality time with the blackfin tuna here at Key West, you would have to follow these simple tips:

  1. Start out 2 hours before sunset somewhere south of Key West in 250 – 300 of water.
  2. Find good water. It doesn’t technically always have to be the best which is purple-blue. It may also be green. Finding good water leads you to the fish you aim to catch.
  3. Prepare and use the appropriate equipment. Most anglers do fine with the use of two spinning rods with 3-0 to 5-0 hooks.
  4. Make use or troll out 2 small squid skirts or anything small that is bullet shaped with a color range of blue, white, purple, and black.
  5. You may put chunks of sardines in the water to attract the tuna. However, you should be careful not to put too way much.
  6. As the sun continues to set, work your way closer to the reef going from 400’ to 120 which will lead you to the 200’ to 120 depth.
  7. You may also have the option to run a zigzag parallel to the reef covering 50’ depth.

            However, there will always be a time when tunas would refuse to bite the bait. During these kinds of circumstances, catching a blackfin tuna would be quite difficult. All you have to do is to continue following these tips and sooner or later you will have a blackfin tuna biting off your hook. It just takes a little bit of trick and a ton of patience.

            Ready to catch other spectacular fishes? With Wares the Fish, you will be able to experience a fishing charter that provides you with the fun and thrill you are looking for. Contact us now and start your fishing journey!


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