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4 Ways to Fish on your Fishing Charter in Key West

Fishing charters are not just done and stationed in a single location here in Key West. Fishing charter companies all have their own designated spots that are not entirely limited to only one location. Usually, they offer a line of ways that can allow their customers to make the most out of their trips.

            Moreover, these different ways of fishing are made to narrow down and boost the chances of having a great catch while achieving the fish your desire in the process.

            Here are some of the commonly used ways in every fishing charter in Key West:

Key West Fishing Near Shickwrecks

            Key West, Florida has long been known as a harbor of many mighty shipwrecks from the high seas. Its history is full of real ships and shipwrecks and factual stories that are now providing the place with an unforgettable distinction. This location is often chosen due to its abundance of amberjack, permit, snapper, and grouper that houses around the wrecks all season long.

Fishing Trips by the Harbor

            Most of the waterways seen in Key West are all naturally made. However, some of the man-made waterways in the area offer more than just a mesmerizing sight. It also holds an interesting line of history. These are the ideal locations where you can stop and enjoy peace and fishing at the same time. Cobia, permit, and tarpon are some of the common fishes you can locate in the area.

Reef Fishing Charters

            The coral formations around Key West are also one of the tourist attractions that many would like to explore. Since the place has been described as the hub of the healthiest reefs from across the globe, it simply depicts that almost everything is thriving in the area. In such locations, it has been the home for snapper, grouper, and species of schooling fish such as mackerel.

Deep Sea Fishing

            Last but not the least, is deep-sea fishing. In the vastness of Key West comes with its capability to supply and enable tourists to experience a deep-sea fishing charter. Wherein the water plunges to a mesmerizing 1,500 feet providing a more varied array of fish species.  This includes the white marlin, sailfish, spearfish, kingfish, dolphin, and many more.


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