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All the Fish you can Catch on your Key West Fishing Charter

Fishing charters will never be complete without any fishing activity. This is often deemed as the star of the show which enables customers to experience the joy of having their first or biggest catch. If you are worried about not having enough experience, the staff or crew of the fishing charter will gladly help you every step of the way.

            Although fishing seems like a really fun activity, it is a lot more difficult than it sounds. It requires proper technique and body coordination for you to secure a successful catch. And its difficulty would also depend on the type of fish you will be aiming for.

            Here in Key West, fishing charters can bring you to specific spots to catch the fish you like. To help you decide what you are going to catch during your fishing charter, here is a list of available fish in Key West:

Tarpon and Bonefish

            If you are looking for a challenge, then these two are the best choice for you. Aside from the fact that they are quite difficult to spot, they also possess a few characteristics that will surely cure your desire for a challenge.

            Tarpons are heavyweight champions that are also called the silver kings that can top 200 lbs and know how to throw their weight about. Bonefishes, on the other hand, are known as inshore ninjas that are very challenging to spot.

Snapper and Grouper

            Meanwhile, if you are looking for a fish you can serve or use as the main ingredient in your dish, snappers, and groupers will do the job. In Key West, they are the most common catches and are the all-around favorites. They can be spotted and caught around patch reefs, wrecks, bridges, and even on the shore.

Tuna and Dolphin

            Looking for a challenging specie that can also be served on a plate? Tuna and dolphins are the right choices for you! On your next fishing charter, you can head offshore and battle the blackfin tuna and of course, the sashimi-worthy dolphins of Key West. however, these dolphins are a different type that is known as the Mahi – Mahi which is certainly a show stopper to catch.

Sailfish and Marlin            

Key West has been widely known as the perfect spot for fishing charters that can provide tourists with a feastful view and a sight to behold. And in this beautiful location, you get to have the chance to catch the all-popular marlin that can possibly be caught on a deep sea fishing trip. Sailfishes are also no different, but they are more rampant and widely seen all around except in the warmest months


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