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Best Times of the Year to Sign Up for a Private Fishing Charter in Key West

key west private fishing charters

Fishing is another famous activity in Key West because there are many types of fish and dramatic experiences to find. Nevertheless, to set the tone and capture the best of your Key West private fishing charters, timing is everything. Understanding an excellent fishing period in Key West will ensure you have a better chance of enjoying your fishing trip in this region. Here you are to have a seasonal guide that’ll help you plan fishing trips.

Winter (December to February)

It is also noted that winter is one of the best times for fishing in Key West if you are hunting for sailfish – one of the most popular catches in the area. The water temperatures drop a little and then the sailfish come nearer to the coastline to feed and this is the reason why fishermen can easily spot them. Besides sailfish, you can also catch kingfish, blackfin tuna, and wahoo if you want to have a different kind of fishing experience. In general, the climate is rather mild, it is rather warm in Key West, the temperature ranges from 170 to 250 F, and it is rather comfortable to be on the water which is important if you’re planning your Key West private fishing charters.

Spring (March to May)

Though fishing is a year-round activity in Key West, spring is perhaps the busiest and most fruitful season for it. The increase in water temperature encourages many species to arrive and, of course, the well-known tarpon migration happens at this time. Tarpons are popular due to their spine-tingling jumps and tests of nerves during fishing activity. In addition to that, there are permits and bonefish, so those who love flats fishing should go there during this time. Offshore, the first sign of mahs or dolphinfish also known as ‘dorado’ gives a great fight and delicious reward. It is an effective fishing season for fishing enthusiasts in Key West, and booking a private fishing charter makes these activities fruitful.

Summer (June to August)

Summer is a perfect time for fishing as the waters of Key West are warm and packed with fish of numerous varieties. It makes this season appropriate for catching a fairly large number of mahi-mahi and these fish are more abundant in the summer. Also, the summer period is suitable for catching marlin and sailfish in the offshore zones. The reef and wrecks areas are rich in grouper and snapper fish making bottom fishing an ideal type of fishing to undertake. But one must stay cautious of the weather because summer starts in June and is accompanied by the hurricane season. For those of you who are fascinated by fishing, early morning Key West private fishing charters are good because they eliminate the chances of fishing in the afternoon typhoons.

Fall (September to November)

Fall is the other great time to fish in Key West since water temperatures are somewhat down and hordes of tourists have started to thin out. Annually, the temperature of the sea starts to rise in this season and different types of fish such as groupers, snappers, and kingfish can be caught. If you want to plan your fishing trip to target specific fish species, then you must know that September and October are perfect for blackfin tuna. Further, the spotted seatrout, tarpon, and snook can be caught throughout the year, though the greatest chance is during the fall mullet run. The Key West private fishing charters during the fall, therefore, can make this an even more restful and fruitful fishing trip.

Special Considerations

However, there are a few other things that one should bear in mind While the information given in the seasonal guide may be enough. Natural factors that influence fishing conditions include Weather factors such as cold fronts, tropical storms, etc. Before you go out on your Key West private fishing charter trip, it is advised that you check the weather forecast and get in touch with your charter captain as they always have the most recent insights on the fishing areas and the prevailing weather conditions.

Key Takeaways

Although some of the species may be more abundant at certain times of the year, Key West is a fishing destination that caters to every fisherman. If you take into account the different periods when it is best to go fishing for specific species, then it will be easier to choose the right moment for private fishing charters. If the visitor desires to catch sailfish in the winter, tarpon in spring, mahi-mahi in summer, or grouper in the autumn, Key West guarantees an exciting fishing trip. When hiring the charter, ensure the captain is well experienced to show you the best areas and ways to enjoy the charter fully.


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