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Key West Fishing Charters: Morning vs Afternoon Trips

key west fishing charters

When you decide to have a fishing trip in Key West, you will be required to decide in advance whether to take the morning or afternoon charter fishing. The choice between the two may seem quite challenging since both time slots have their strengths and weaknesses. This blog will help you understand what they are to better select the right timing for the adventure of your choice.

Morning Fishing Charters


  1. Cooler Temperatures: Fishing in the morning is cooler and more pleasant as compared to mid-day, particularly during summer mornings are the best for fishing charters. It is often easier to travel when the morning wind blows making the trip all the more enjoyable.
  2. Active Fish: It is important to note that some types of fish are more inclined to move around during a certain period – in this case, it is the morning. Most of the salty species such as tarpon, snook, and redfish feed competitively during this time, and therefore, you are likely to get lucky during your fishing adventure.
  3. Calm Waters: It’s generally more serene in the morning so the ride on the ocean would be smoother. This can be especially helpful to the ones who have tender stomachs, and get seasick easily.
  4. Peaceful Atmosphere: Night is quiet and calm in most of the places and that is why early morning has been described as the best time to go out. Sunrise fishing on the ocean makes for one of the most enchanting moments, as you prepare to hook your fish on your fishing charter.


  1. Early Start: Morning charter services for example can begin with a wake-up call which may be a problem to some people especially when on a holiday or simply do not like waking up early.
  2. Limited Afternoon Plans: Sightseeing in the morning may consume most of the day because business openings and attractions usually have fixed opening and closing hours in the morning and during the day respectively.

Afternoon Fishing Charters


  1. Warmer Temperatures: If you are an outdoor person who loves the sun’s scorching heat, then an afternoon fishing charter could suit you. The water temperature increases, which may lead to the draw-in of some fish species.
  2. Flexible Schedule: Night fishing charters allow the visitors to spend a morning engaging in other activities as the afternoon is reserved for fishing. This can be advantageous for families or groups of people who would prefer to have an all-day adventure that consists of various activities.
  3. Sunset Views: A charter in the afternoon may go on till the evening and this will allow the visitors to enjoy the sunset. Some people may prefer fishing early in the morning or late in the evening and this is because you can be able to make the fishing experience more interesting because of the wonderful sunsets.
  4. Different Species: Anyway, some fishes are more active in the evening or at dusk which makes quite a difference with the morning fishing. This can be a time to go for fish that maybe you cannot get in the pre-dawn period.


  1. Hotter Temperatures: The afternoon sun also bakes the car, particularly during summer, and causes heat to build up inside the car. Remember to take enough water and or other beverages as well as protective gear when out fishing to avoid the scorching sun.
  2. Choppier Waters: Wind begins to rise in the afternoon and this leads to large waves on the sea. This could make for more bumpy transportation and is not ideal for people with motion sickness.
  3. Potential Crowds: What may also be more evident is that afternoon charters are also usually fuller, particularly in the high season. There may be more boats or fishermen in certain areas depending on which are famous for fishing.

Which is Right for You?

The main point however is that the decision to go for a morning or afternoon charter fishing in Key West is more or less a preference or need. If you have a preference for a cold climate, no or little waves, and the ability to view the sunrise, it will most probably be a morning trip. On the other hand, if you prefer a warm climate, a rather casual and relaxed atmosphere, and a desire to fish in the evening, an afternoon charter may be more desirable for you.

In any case, the morning and afternoon deep sea fishing trips will allow you to see the unique sea creatures and the wonderful nature of Key West. It is only by weighing the outcomes of each scenario that one will be in a position to have a good and enjoyable fishing experience.


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